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Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Shawna L. Hawk Offers Veneers in Washington D.C.

If your teeth are generally healthy but cosmetic flaws keep you from smiling with confidence, consider cosmetic dental care.  For patients who are interested in smile makeovers and would like to avoid the hassle of repeat visits involved in extensive dental treatment, Dr. Hawk offers dental veneers in Washington DC.

Let us show you how these beautiful and natural-looking restorations can provide you with a bright new smile that looks as healthy as it feels. 

Veneers: One Solution for Multiple Cosmetic Problems

Porcelain dental veneers are sought out by patients for their ability to completely transform smiles with any of the following aesthetic flaws:

Deep Stains
Chipped and Cracked Enamel
Minor Gaps Between Teeth
Misshapen Teeth

These cosmetic dental restorations effectively conceal deep discoloration on dental enamel that cannot be reversed with traditional dental bleach. Veneers can also create a balanced aesthetic for misshapen teeth that were once too small or close the gap between two teeth. At Dr. Shawna Hawk’s office, our porcelain veneers are designed to provide you with the smile you want, without lengthy treatment or multiple, complex procedures.

Dental Veneers in Washington DC with Dr. Hawk

If you’re interested in a smile makeover with porcelain veneersDental Veneers and model of a jaw with teeth, Dr. Hawk welcomes you into her office for a consultation and exam. Impressions of your natural teeth are used as a template for our dental laboratory. Before fabricating your new veneers, they will create a diagnostic model of your finished smile, allowing you to make any requests for changes ahead of time. We are committed to ensuring you love your new smile and are satisfied with the level of personalization provided during your treatment plan.

After you have approved the mock-up veneers, Dr. Hawk prepares your teeth by etching dental enamel, removing a small amount of teeth’s natural thickness. This step is essential in creating a restored smile that looks and feels natural. Without initial tooth preparation, veneers add unnecessary bulk to teeth, making your smile look overly-treated.

Once your permanent veneers have been completed by our dental lab, they are bonded to your teeth, almost instantly creating a new and improved aesthetic you can feel great about. 

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Everyone should have a smile they feel confident showing off. If your teeth are deeply stained or exhibit minor cosmetic flaws, veneers provide a comprehensive smile transformation in as few as two dental appointments. To learn more about porcelain veneer treatment in Washington DC, contact Dr. Hawk’s cosmetic dental office today for your consultation!